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This page provides links to websites that you may find helpful in your day to day life.

Surface Travel

Route Planning

Automobile Association

If you don't have a SatNav, the Automobile Association provides a free route planner which can be very useful in getting you to your destination in the most efficient manner. You get both step-by-step written directions, including mileage and likely time required, and also a map of the route. Several options may be offered. you can also ask for details of road works or road closures that may affect your journey.

Route Planner

Meeting Up


Everyone should have this app. on their mobile. Should you need to direct the emergency services to a particular place, this will be most useful to enable them to get there as quickly as possible without having to give a long description over the phone. The app. is also useful if you wish to arrange to meet someone at a particular place that maybe does not have any obvious identifying features.

There is also a web version that can be accessed from your browser.

Go to What3words

Get what3words app.

Grid Reference Finder

Despite the name, this is a general purpose tool for converting one reference to a location into another.

For instance, you can type in a Post Code and find out the What3words code for the location, or latitude and longitude, or eastings and northings.

All good food for a Sat Nav.

Grid Reference Finder website

Public Services



BBC Weather for Addlestone

Everyone needs to know what the weather is likely to be, whether they be gardening, or planning a day out or just wondering if it is safe to put the washing on the line. The BBC version is probably slightly easier to use than the Met Office one below.

If you don't live in Addlestone, you can set up the forecast for your location here as well, or for somewhere that you are about to visit.

Met Office Addlestone forecast

As with the BBC forecast, if you don't live in Addlestone you can change the location to somewhere close to you, or somewhere you are about to visit. website

Want to know what the weather is going to do in the next hour? Is it safe to nip to the shops, or put the washing out? With this web site you can see what is just over the horizon, be it rain or snow or even a thunderstorm. Enter your postcode to get a display covering your area or just scroll down and expand the map.

Download the app onto your phone and give yourself time to find shelter if out in the country in showery weather.


National website

Ashford/St Peter's Hospitals

Royal Surrey Hospital

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