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Here you will find the latest news about Runnymede U3A, its members and local and other events of note. These will often be highlighted by a short item under Notices on the Home page. The latest entries appear next to the image.

COVID PRECAUTIONS Please do not attend any Runnymede u3a event if you have what may be Covid symptoms. If unsure please take a Covid test and only attend if the result is negative.

Q&A from the U3A AGM

NEW WEBSITE This new website has been developed over the last 18 months by a skilled in-house team at the U3A. As one of the Pioneers for the change, we in Runnymede are one of the first to move from the old SiteBuilder-based site to this new one called  SiteWorks. As you have seen, the new site looks much like the old one to the user, but 'under the bonnet' is completely different and provides enhanced displays and facilities. More importantly, it is more secure and able to be continually updated as our needs and the technology change. WordPress forms the basis for 40% of the World's websites and, as such, undergoes continual improvement by thousands of developers. All 700 u3as currently using SiteBuilder are expected to make the move to SiteWorks by the end of 2024.

DIGITAL VOICE - COMING TO A PHONE NEAR YOU By the end of 2025 all current landlines will move from an analogue system to a digital one. Your provider will contact you well in advance to let you know when your phone line will be moved to digital but if you would like to be ahead of the game this link will give you more information and links to other information sources.

If you have an old mobile it may use the 3G network. This is being switched off in the next year or so which means it will no longer be able to access mobile data and you will need to buy a more modern mobile to continue doing this. You will still be able to make phone calls as they use the 2G network which will remain for now, but can only handle the most basic tasks. Note that if you plan to use your old phone abroad, the country may have already closed their older networks. Follow this link to the Ofcom website for more information.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL/APPLICATION FORM 2023-2024 If you do not have a printed membership form, you can use these links to print the form in either PDF or Word format.

BLACK CHERRY FAIR Our U3A had a stand at the fair, advertising our special interest groups. Rosemary Christian was guarding the stand in Lawrence's photo.

GARDENING GROUP 3 This new gardening group is looking for new members. Please contact Linda Haller, by using this link or telephone her by using the details on the Yellow Sheet.

CHANGES AT THE TOP There have been several changes in the Committee and related areas. See the Contact page for details.

GROUP LEADERS AND COMMITTEE Risk Assessment and Policy Documents are now available via Links on the Groups page.


SAILING WITH FLEET U3A - OPEN TO RUNNYMEDE U3A MEMBERS U3A Sailing Group is open to members of any U3A branch and there are currently members from Wokingham, Bracknell Forest, Woking, Maidenhead and Hartley Wintney as well as Fleet. Please contact Fleet U3A for more information.

U3A SUMMER SCHOOLS IN SURREY AND THE SOUTHEAST See the Events page for links to information on these.

SPECIAL OFFERS FOR U3A MEMBERS Use the Link to the national U3A at the right hand of the header strap. Login with your U3A user name and password (you can set one up if you do not already have one). Go into the Members' Area Homepage and then select the 'Offers for Members' icon. Here you will find a list of organisations that offer discounts to U3A members.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Don’t let your skills go to waste!

We always need members to support the great work your committee is doing, so please let us know if you would like to spend a few hours to make your U3A even better!

Current opportunities:

• 'Meeters and Greeters' to support new members at monthly members' meetings.

• Extra support for committee work, taking part in temporary working groups.

For more information please contact Pat Kilminster Chair.